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Founded by Rosalyn (Karma) Reese, a Virtual Event Consultant owner of TruEssence: Virtual Assisting formally Tru_Essence Events n Planning who handles all your virtual needs including presentations, ad creations, training courses & social media marketing. Helping formulate organizations from scratch such as Mysteek Naturals formally Sisterhood of Natural Hair Divas, Supermoms with Sickle Cell Inc. and currently Warrior’s Life Foundation. Ms. Reese is a sickle cell carrier and coma survivor who loves inspiring and helping other start up independent entrepreneurs gain recognition via event marketing. TruEssence is also a member of the St Petersburg Business League in Florida. So, How may I help You? 

Meet TruEssence.


Karma (Rosalyn) Reese


The Thanks I Get: Testimonials

The Thanks I Give

Through all that I have been through my main goal is being an inspiration to help others achieve accomplishments they thought were impossible. I am grateful for all of you who have helped me turn MY dreams into reality. I am blessed to be able to live out my passion as a freelance disabled virtual event consultant.